Back to the Basics: Landscape Design in Boise, ID

Just as there are different techniques and principles followed by graphic designers, interior decorators, architects, and any professional who works with visual elements; the same is true of landscaping. Landscaping is unique in that a landscape is a living, breathing entity composed of plants and vegetation as well as hardscaping elements, and aesthetics must meet functionality, all while accounting for the changing of the seasons we experience here in Boise, ID. At Bella Vista Landscape, we love helping our clients with their landscaping needs, including right from the beginning with our landscape design services

Today, we’ll be sharing some of the key elements that go into landscape design; we’re eager to help you create the landscape of your dreams! 

  1. Form: Form is the three-dimensional shapes that make up the different features in a yard, including everything from shrubs, plants, flowers, to patios, water features, and more. In more minimal spaces, negative space can also play a big role in the form of a landscape. Form generally falls into two categories, including geometric forms and more organic forms. 

    1. Geometric forms: especially in modern landscaping, angular lines, polygons, rectangles, and squares are common forms that can draw the eye in specific directions and create a very clean, pleasing visual. Squares are often used for stepping stones, tile, or overhead structures such as pergolas. Circles and arcs are a very common form as well, and draws the eye toward the center of this geometric form. Circles are commonly used for patios, pools, bushes, and shrubs. 

    2. Organic forms: organic forms use meandering lines without harsh angles, which gives a much more naturalistic look. We love a yard with a good organic feel with soft lines for pathways, flowerbeds, and more. Many clients also choose more organic shapes for pools and patios, which can soften the vibe of the entire yard. Fragmented edges, such as using stones to delineate a pathway rather than using concrete, can also create the impression of a space where nature coexists with humanity. 

  1. Texture: Texture is a fun element to play with, especially as trees and bushes shed foliage and create a fresh new look with each season. Most plants have textures ranging from fine to coarse textures. Much line furniture or wardrobe pieces, coarser textures tend to be eye-catching, while finer textures can help features slide under the radar a bit more and create the illusion of spaciousness. We love mixing and matching different textures, and love when clients choose to use coarser textures to create a statement--whether that’s a plant with large, dramatic leaves or a walkway built of rough-cut stones. 

  1. Color: Color is a fun element that a lot of homeowners have on the forefront of their minds, but bear in mind that color is often temporary. Many plants change colors throughout the year, or only bloom briefly in relation to the year. Whether you prefer a monochromatic color scheme, such as using plants that have white flowers and using white stones for a walkway, or an analogous color scheme using colors in similar families such as greens, blues, and purples, having a plan of what you want to do with color can add a much more cohesive look to your property. 

  1. Proportion: When selecting plants and other features, bear in mind how different proportions will play out together. Having equal proportions of vegetation and open space can create a harmonious space, and creating a balance using plants of different sizes can also create balance. People instinctively tend to prefer a smaller open space to a large one, so using an overhead structure to imply a ceiling can create a subconscious sense of safety. 

At Bella Vista Landscape, we are passionate about helping our friends and neighbors create the property of their dreams as we work together to bring their vision to life. We take pride in helping our clients create a space they can lounge in and enjoy with loved ones, and we do so by working closely with clients throughout every step of the way. We serve clients in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, ID, and all surrounding areas. For more information, fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (208) 995-3532 today!


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