Low-Maintenance Landscaping in Boise, ID

Here in Boise, ID, we are no stranger to extremes in weather in both winter and summer, and we know that even in the last week, we’ve experienced near-spring and snow! When it comes to climates like ours where there is a lot of fluctuation in average temperatures and plants have to be hardy against the elements, caring for your property can quickly become an expensive and time-consuming task. At Bella Vista Landscape, we are eager to best serve our clients through our many services, and love to help through our informative blog posts as well. Today, we’ll be discussing low-maintenance landscaping and tips and tricks to apply to optimize yard maintenance here in Boise, ID. 

Low-maintenance landscaping means less time and effort to maintain your property, and it also means less resources that need to be allocated to keep your yard thriving. It typically means moving away from the classic 1950s-style watered lawn; while previous generations might see this as a decline in beauty, it’s actually become a chic and popular trend to move toward sustainability and take advantage of native plants and thus encourage native pollinators, flora, and fauna to thrive. A low-maintenance property often means you no longer need a lawnmower and fuel, no fertilizer, insecticides, and makes your yard more eco-friendly and green--pun intended! 


One trend we love to see is xeriscaping; xeriscaping is a low-water option that utilizes local materials and native plants to create a drought-resistant design that can withstand both the summer heat and the winter weather. Because local plants are adapted to the local climate, you can conserve water as it eliminates the need for a sprinkler system. Xeriscaping can also come in the form of a rock garden; some clients choose to install a rock garden inspired by Japanese gardens with flowing lines and a living kind of quiet, while others choose a more southwestern vibe with majestic rocks in desert colors adorned with cacti and succulents. Rock gardens are charming and unique, and tasteful designs can increase property values significantly! 

Rain Gardens

A rain garden relies on gravity to allow for the slow absorption of rain water. A yard is landscaped into a basin-like slope with native plants that collect stormwater, including water running off of driveways and out of rainspouts. Rain gardens are an excellent choice in places like Boise where it doesn’t rain often, and also serves to filter pollutants out of the water, which is also earth-friendly. These gardens often attract a lot of native pollinators, so it’s an excellent way to invite bees and butterflies to your property! To minimize the amount of work you need to put in, consider using perennials; perennials go dormant in winter, then come back in spring with the warmer weather, which means less work as you only have to plant them once to enjoy them season after season. There’s an enormous variety of perennials, so you can choose flowers, shrubs, or succulents, whatever floats your boat. Evergreens do well along the edges of a property with rain gardens as they have lower water leaves, and will add color to your yard even in the winter months when other trees and shrubs are dormant. 


HARDSCAPING includes all non-living features in your yard, from concrete edging or curbing along your flower beds to PATIOS and more. Hardscaping often means you can simply hose off those elements of your yard rather than pruning, trimming, fertilizing, weeding, or any of the other tasks that typically come with homeownership. These elements typically stand up well against the elements (yes, pun intended!), so they often stand the test of time and will serve you and your family for years to come. 

No matter what you choose to do with your property, our team of experts at Bella Vista Landscape is excited to help bring your vision to a reality! Our services range from our free landscape design service to installing water features, outdoor kitchens, mulch, hardscaping, and much, much more. We love serving our friends and neighbors in Boise, Kuna, Caldwell, Middleton, Eagle, Star, Meridian, ID, and all surrounding areas. If you have any questions or want more information, fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (208) 995-3532 today!


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