Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems in the Spring in Boise, ID

At Bella Vista Landscape in Boise, ID, we are excited to serve our friends and neighbors! We believe that part of caring for our clients includes offering the best care instructions for their properties. As winter quickly draws to a close, we understand that many clients who have recently installed sprinklers may feel confident about how to care for their sprinkler system in the winter--getting water blown out of their pipes to prevent the pipes from freezing and cracking--but may not be as well-vered in how to get your sprinkler system up and running in the spring. Today, we’ll be discussing spring sprinkler care. 

Here are three general rules of thumb when getting your sprinklers up and running for the spring and summer seasons: 

  • Wait for frost to pass. As you know, we recommend blowing sprinklers out in autumn, because frozen water expands and can lead to burst pipes. This problem can still occur in early spring if you turn your sprinklers back on too early; in general, wait until the threat of frost has passed. Watch overnight forecasts to make sure it doesn’t get too cold during the night. In general, look for temperatures above 50 degrees. Here in Idaho, this often means waiting to turn your sprinklers on until mid-April at the earliest. 

  • Make sure everything works properly. The last thing you want to do is assume all is well and come home one day to a flooded property. If you’re not sure on how to do this, calling in a professional may be a good choice, but if you’re an avid DIYer, make sure to check the water meter and the leak indicator, turn on the backflow device, and test different parts of your sprinkler system by walking through your yard while it’s running. Making sure everything is up to par at the beginning of the season can prevent disastrous issues.  

  • Take care of any needed repairs. If you notice anything amiss during your inspection of your sprinkler system, make sure it’s taken care of before you begin regular use of your sprinklers. Irrigation systems typically involve a number of moving parts, so minor issues can quickly escalate if left untreated. 

Especially here in the cold desert of Idaho, installing a sprinkler or irrigation system can make the difference between a thriving lawn and one that struggles to survive. A well-placed sprinkler system will ensure that the entirety of your lawn is being watered, and sprinkler systems can be programmed to run on a schedule to maximize water usage. We recommend watering your lawn in the early hours of morning during the coolest part of the day; because water evaporates when it’s warmer, using the coolest part of the day to water your lawn and other plants gives the best chance of the water soaking into the ground for your plants to access before it evaporates. 

Many clients choose to install a drip irrigation system for raised flower beds or square foot gardening. A drip irrigation system typically consists of a perforated hose that runs near various plants; the perforations allow water to slowly leak--or drip--onto the soil near the base of the plants, making for an extremely efficient use of water. Because drip irrigation systems deliver water right at the root, water is less likely to evaporate before the plant can access it, but we recommend the early morning hours for maximum water efficiency. 

At Bella Vista Landscaping, we value our clients and strive to serve them in whatever ways we can; whether you want to install a water feature or dream of a high-end outdoor kitchen, our team of experts is sure to meet all of your landscaping needs. There is no satisfaction like a job well done, and it is our top priority to help each homeowner create the backyard oasis of their dreams. Whether you’re in the beginning of your landscaping journey and would be interested in our landscape design services or just need some final touches such as outdoor lighting, we are excited to serve our clients in Boise, Star, Eagle, Kuna, Meridian, Middleton, and Caldwell, ID, and all surrounding areas. Give us a call at (208) 995-3532 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation or for more information today!


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