Installing an Outdoor Kitchen in Boise, ID

The outdoor kitchen: a relatively new phenomena, often viewed as a luxury, yet intriguing enough to merit a second thought. At Bella Vista Landscaping, we serve clients with any and all things landscaping, and love to discuss topics that may be of interest to our clients in Boise, ID. Whether you are considering adding an outdoor kitchen or a water feature to your property, we are happy to discuss pros and cons and help you make the best choices for your unique situation. 

What is an outdoor kitchen? 

An outdoor kitchen is an installment typically in a residential backyard designed for entertaining, preparing, and cooking meals outdoors. An outdoor kitchen typically includes a dining space, sometimes with an overhead shade, a grill in lieu of a stove, a flat surface for preparing food, storage for utensils, and occasionally a small refrigerator to keep food cool prior to preparation. 

Who would benefit from an outdoor kitchen?

While we think anyone could enjoy an outdoor kitchen, we maintain that an outdoor kitchen is best enjoyed by families or couples who love entertaining, spending time in the outdoors, and great conversations over delicious food. Outdoor kitchens are excellent for late summer nights spent enjoying a warm summer breeze, whether you choose to do so with a handful of friends or with your immediate family. An outdoor kitchen is certainly an investment, and we love to see people utilizing this beautiful and fun addition to their property. There’s something special about an intimate evening spent in a cozy yard surrounded by loved ones, and we love envisioning our clients spending many pleasant evenings with friends and family in years to come. 

What should I keep in mind? 

As with any large-scale landscaping or construction project, adding an outdoor kitchen comes with a number of considerations that you should weigh prior to making a final decision. These considerations include: 

  1. Budget: depending on what components you choose to add to your outdoor kitchen, you may have to add a water line, electricity, and/or gas, all of which can add to the costs. Additionally, materials for building your outdoor kitchen come in a range of prices as well, so knowing approximately what you can afford to spend on your outdoor kitchen is a great idea. The budget you have for this project will determine which finishes and levels of quality you can invest in for materials to build your kitchen.  

  2. Climate: here in Boise, ID, an outdoor kitchen could be used for the majority of the year, with only the winter months being less than ideal. If you and your family only enjoy spending time outdoors when it’s in the 70s and 80s, you will want to consider whether the cost of an outdoor kitchen is worth the limited window of time each year when you will be able to enjoy it. Please also consider the local climate when choosing materials for your outdoor kitchen; our experts will advise you, but natural stone and tile do not handle drastic weather changes well, so those materials may not be a great option. 

  3. Functionality: the three functional points of a kitchen are typically the fridge or cold area, the sink, and the stove or cooking zone. When designing a kitchen, bear in mind the use of these three areas, and make sure that they are mutually accessible while also ensuring the utility lines match where you choose to place those functional points. 

At Bella Vista Landscaping, we thrive when we know our clients are happy, and we are proud of the quality of work that we produce. Each homeowner should feel as though their property is a place of peace and relaxation from the chaos of the world, and we are eager to help each homeowner achieve that vision in whatever way that looks like for them. Our high-quality services help us meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, and creating a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen to enhance your hosting and outdoor experience is an exciting part of our services. We serve Boise, Kuna, Middleton, Star, Meridian, Caldwell, Eagle, ID, and all surrounding areas. Fill out our online contact form or give us a call at (208) 995-3532 today for more information or to schedule a consultation!


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