Landscaping Ideas for Side Yard in Boise, ID

Few homeowners utilize it, but most homes have it: the side yard is an oft overlooked space that can be transformed into an enchanting getaway. With a little bit of intentionality, it can be just as beautiful and peaceful as the rest of your property, and can even add a unique character and charisma to your yard. Our team of experts love the landscape design process, and we are excited to share a few ideas of ways to maximize your side yard space. Part of the fun of being a homeowner is having the opportunity to curate every detail of your property to reflect the home and lifestyle you want to be living. Don’t write off that portion of your property when it has so much potential! 

Add an arbor for vines and plants to hang from. An overhead structure can add a lot of character, regardless of whether or not you choose to train vines over them. Should you choose to add greenery, you could grow produce like cucumbers, blackberries, tomatoes, or grapes, or grow flowers like wisteria, ivy, or roses. Creating a living canopy of vegetation is equal parts unique and endearing. Adding plants will increase the shade in your side yard as well, and create a charming space perfect for reading on a warm spring day. 

Line a walkway with potted plants. Most people only think to use potted plants near entryways or inside the home; using a variety of potted plants in planters that have been mixed and matched in size and style creates a cozy and unique environment that’s eye-catching and unique. There’s a lot of room for flexibility with this idea. Some choose to use large pots with plants at varying heights to create a visually interesting backdrop purely for aesthetic reasons, while some may prioritize using planters to grow produce that can be harvested and taken to the dinner table. Whether your taste aligns with an organic boho style or you believe that practicality is king, using potted plants and planters can elevate your side yard. 

Create a small fairy garden. This is an especially delightful idea for families with young children. Add a bird bath or other water feature, an abundance of flowers and creeping plants along the ground, and perhaps a tiny fairy door at the base of a tree or nestled against the fence for children to explore. Garden gnomes or ceramic mushrooms may add a touch of whimsy to this fairy-tale-esque idea. Some families choose to implement a tradition of fairy gifts or footprints to bring a little magic into their day-to-day lives, adding to the sense of wonder young children find in the great outdoors.

Compliment a hyper-modern walkway with a vertical garden. Clean-cut geometric pavers in crisp lines surrounded by gravel can cultivate a refreshingly modern walkway, especially if colors are chosen mindfully. Pair this hard-lined artwork with a lush, breathing vertical garden to create an alluring contrast. Vertical gardens are composed of planters mounted on a fence or other vertical surface, and are akin to square foot gardening. It maximizes space and adds an organic element to a surface that would otherwise remain bare. Although vertical gardens are most common in urban environments, implementing this charming and innovative idea into your side yard can add a modern twist to the traditional residential property.

At Bella Vista Landscaping, we understand that each property paired with its homeowner has a unique potential to become a beautiful oasis that matches the vision our clients want to cultivate. Whether it’s just a strip of land a few feet wide along the edge of your property or the entire front yard, we love helping our friends and neighbors create the ideal yard for their unique tastes. We take pride in delivering high-quality services that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We love bringing a vision to a reality, and love to do so with an unparalleled enthusiasm. We serve Boise, Middleton, Meridian, Eagle, Caldwell, Star, Kuna, ID, and all surrounding areas. Give us a call at (208) 995-3532 or fill out our online contact form today for more information or to schedule a consultation!


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